UPDATE: That’s the video of him sailing over the Grand Canyon.

And here’s the earlier post…

See that dude? That’s Jetman. He designed a suit with wings and rocket engines that allows him to fly like you’ve always dreamed you could. You may have seen some video of him flying over the Swiss Alps, or maybe the English Channel over the last few years. If you haven’t, check this out:

Either way, Jetman (who’s real name is Yves Rossy) is working on bringing it to the U.S. this Friday to roar through the Grand Canyon. The National Parks Service won’t let him do it in the part of the Canyon that they control, so he hooked up with the Hualapai Indian Reservation (the ones that gave us the glass-bottomed walkway over the canyon a couple of years ago) to jump out of a helicopter there on Friday morning and then rip along the rim of the giant hole for about 15 minutes or so. Here he is jetting across the English Channel on the National Geographic channel:

So if you’re motivated for a road trip, head up to the 40 and then over to Kingman, AZ and then go north to watch the Jetman doing his thing.

Just don’t ask for a ride…



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