Finally, there is something interesting about the upcoming Royal Wedding in England. Check out this special beer made in honor of the occasion…Royal Virility Performance Ale, brewed with Viagra! Yep, in addition to several other aphrodisiacs, each bottle contains about a third of a tablet of the magic blue peen pills. Look, here’s proof:

The craft brewery, BREW DOG, only selling a small batch starting on April 29th (which I hear is the day the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is happening from all of the girls here at the office who I can only  guess still hold onto the dream that someday their prince will come), but they’ve already sent a few bottles to the groom. The bottle has some cool little slogans written on it too, “Arise Prince Willy”, “Celebrate Big Willy Style”, and others that we might understand if we were British. They say this craft ale will cost £10 per bottle, with 20% of all proceeds going to the charity. I don’t know how much a £ is, but if you’ve got 10 of  ‘em then go for it!

Sadly, I don’t think you’ll be able to get it shipped here. But I do hope that during the wedding ceremony that will be televised around the world, the Prince pulls a bottle out of his pocket and gives the camera a smile and a thumbs-up!




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