Way to stand up for what you believe in, kid! Well, here we go again…the baseball season is only a week old and we dive right in with the Yankees/Red Sox battling it out in Boston. That brings great joy to this Yankee fan, and hopes that that kid wears a Derek Jeter jersey in every family picture and at every family function for the rest of his life.

Then there’s this commercial for New Era baseball caps about the rivalry:

Finally, a ghost from the past (for you too, Dodger fans) decides to hang ‘em up and retire.

Of course, Manny Ramirez, now with the no longer intimidating Tampa Bay Rays, only made that decision after the MLB Commissioner’s office called to tell him that he’s failed a drug test. Again. Probably easier to make the call to retire since the Dodgers are still paying him about 8 million dollars this season. Maybe time to put that “Mannywood” t-shirt and the dreadlock wig up on EBAY…
Play Ball!



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