Meet 66 year old Ziona Chana. And his 39 wives. And his 94 children. And his 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Count the sons and daughters-in-law and there are a total of 167 people in the family. They all live together in a 4-story, 100 room house in a village in the mountains in India. Hang on, let’s  do little math here…

If he has a rotation, he sleeps with each wife 9 times a year.

The kids and grandkids could field almost 15 baseball teams and have their own family tournaments.

If he woke up and talked to each family member individually for 5 minutes, when he got to the last one it would be time for him to go to bed.

If each one of his kids does the same as him and has 94 kids, he’ll end up with 8,836 granchildren. If each one of them had 94 kids, he’d have 830,584 great-grandchildren.

And none of them would call often enough…




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