You’re Detroit. A once thriving city that has been on a long decline. You decide you want to install a statue as a tribute to something special that comes from your city’s history to try and spark a turnaround. So you hold a contest and the best idea will win, right? Right. Until they open the contest up to the internet and the big winner is…Robocop!

Yeah, that Robocop! The 1987 sci-fi movie set in an incredibly violent and crime ridden Detroit of the “near future”. It originally recieved an NC-17 rating for graphic violence, but  it down to an acceptable version to get the R rating so most theaters would carry it.

So the Mayor of Detroit decides that, no, he doesn’t want a statue of Robocop to represent the city. What do you do? Of course, you organize a Facebook group and take donations until you raise $50,000 to make a bad ass Robocop statue anyway. You know what? I bet it will become a cool tourist attraction.

If you had $50,000 to make a statue representing the I.E., what would it be?




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