Ok, football season is officially over and we’re just a couple of weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting to start off Spring Training. Nike has a new line of t-shirts that I’m sure you’re gonna see everywhere this year. If you’ve been a baseball fan for very long, there is a very good chance you can recognize the legendary players on these shirts immediately just by their facial hair. They are (clockwise from upper left) Rollie Fingers from the Milwaukee Brewers, Ozzie Smith from the St. Louis Cardinals, ohnson for the Seattle Mariners, and Mr. October his own bad self, Reggie Jackson from the New York Yankees. You wonder if they’ll do versions of the same guys with the teams they were on later in their career, like Reggie on the Angels, or Rollie Fingers on the Oakland A’s, or Randy Johnson on every team in the league. Check out this one of Mike Schmidt from the Phillies:

Very cool. I think I’m gonna have to get the Yankees Goose Gossage version, although I might wait to see if they do a Thurman Munson one first):

They’re not available yet, but they should be soon. And at less than 20 bucks each. Not bad. Let me know when you see them out there. Here’s the whole list of players (so far) they’ll be featuring on the shirts:




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