Everyone has struggled with this dilemma from time to time, right? Do you throw discretion to the wind and go for the Menage ‘a Trois, or play it safe and stick with the Monogamy? The Monogamy is more expensive than the Menage ‘a Trois. But then, you’ll probably never go bragging to your friends about the Monogamy like you know you would after having the Menage ‘a Trois. The Monogamy is obviously going to last longer. Hell, the  Menage ‘a Trois will probably be gone after just a couple of hours. Still it will be memorable. Even if you decide on the Monogamy, it’s a given that you will occasionally regret not going for the Menage ‘a Trois. But if you do the Menage ‘a Trois, the next morning you may end up wishing you’d just stayed with the Monogamy, but it may be too late to go back and change your mind. Decisions, decisions…

Thanks to the folks over at Failblog for the picture.




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