Wonder what the people over at video game maker Sega have been up to? Wonder no more! They have been busy transforming all that wasted time standing at the urinal into fun! Introducing “Toylets”…a set of video games that are, no joke,  controlled by a sensor on the back of the urinal.

They are, sadly, only available in public bathrooms in Tokyo right now, but you gotta figure they will be spreading across the globe before too long. There is “Graffiti Eraser”, where you try to erase graffiti on a wall by peeing it away. Or “Splashing Battle”, where you try to have a more powerful stream than those that have been there before you. Talk about bragging rights! I wonder if you get to enter your initials like the old games at the arcade so everyone knows you’re a stud. Then there is one that the harder you go the stronger the wind blows up a girl’s skirt in the video monitor in front of you. Genius. Best of all, you’ve always got your own personal “joystick controller” in your pocket!

Look for them to be in your favorite bar sometime down the road, and think about how much money you could have made if you thought of it first…




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