That is the Mega Millions Jackpot tonight! One of the largest jackpots in U.S. lottery history. The MegaMillions is played in 41 states and the District of Columbia, so it grows pretty fast when it rolls over, and nobody has won it the last 15 times they’ve pulled numbers. But just how much is $355,000,000? You can’t really picture it, can you? Here’s what I like to do to get a real feel for it. Let’s break it down…if you take the 26 annual payments for the whole jackpot, it works out to:

$13,653,846 each year. Which is:

$1,137,820 a month. Which is:

$262,573 a week. Which is:

$37,510 a day. Which is:

$1,563 an hour. Which is:

$26 a minute. Which is:

43 cents every second of every hour of every day for the next 26 years of your life! Imagine that clinking into your change jar non-stop. You’d make over 10 grand just for sleeping every night. Heck, you could’ve just made 50 bucks reading this! Yeah, I’m buying a ticket tonight…




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