When we set up the office that I share with Stu, Tiff, and Jimbo, we decided to decorate the place with CD cases from all sorts of legendary albums in the KCAL music library on the top of the walls by the ceiling. Our only rule was that the cover had to be instantly recognizable when you glanced at it. It’s always fun when people come in and check them out and see how many of them they know. Over the years though, we’ve noticed that there are a couple of them that are up there twice. Your challenge…find them! Be the first to find each one and email your answer to daryl@kcalfm.com and we’ll put your name below the video for all of your friends to see…

UPDATE!!! We have a couple of winners so far: Don’t read any further if you want to take the challenge yourself and see if you can find all three.

Joseph Arriaga was the first of several that nailed the The Doors self titled debut album being up there twice

Rick Prescott made the correct call of The Who’s “Tommy” as another double (after he dug through his old vinyl to figure out what album had that cover!)

There is one more CD cover that repeats on the office wall, what is it?




November 3, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Contests, KCALFM.com | 3 comments