Ready for the baseball playoffs? Hell yeah! Can’t wait to watch my beloved New York Yankees go for the repeat (and championship # 28!). In the NL, I think I’ve gotta root for the upstart Cincinatti Reds, ‘cuz I saw them way back in March when my wife and I did the road trip to Spring Training in Arizona. I was debating calling in sick on Wednesday or Thursday to sit around in my underwear, eat nachos, drink beers, and watch 3 playoff games each day, but then I remembered that I was on the air and everyone could hear me debating whether I should or not. It will be fun to see how many Tampa Rays fans take up manager Joe Maddon (former Angels coach and all around good guy) on his suggestion that everybody show up for the playoff games wearing plaid. That would be maybe the ugliest crowd look in history, but it might also make the Texas Rangers kinda dizzy. Grab a beer, its time to play ball!!!




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