It’s become painfully obvious that some of us here at KCAL need to be kicked in the head twice before we learn a lesson. Although we aren’t smart enough to know that the Tough Mudder might not be for a bunch of cheese burger eating, beer guzzling, fairly sedentary people, such as ourselves, we are just smart enough to know that maaaybeee we should at least try to minimize how many times we puke along the way.

Thus begins our journey through the world of Crossfit. Zero Gravity Crossfit here in Redlands was gracious enough (and just crazy enough) to take us under their wing and whip us into shape by March. We’ve already taken bets on who will be the first to puke, and have chosen our dream bodies as a way to keep us from drowning our sore-muscle sorrows in a big bowl of ice cream.

Follow us weekly and keep yourself up to date on all the funny, embarrassing, and downright shameful misadventures as your favorite KCAL friends limp their way to beefcake status!

See you next week for another episode of Close Encounters of the Crossfit Kind, where Brandon almost loses it (and not in the way you might think), Jimbo learns how to close his mouth when lifting heavy things, and Dani, through total pull-up rebellion, discovers a new use for pull-up bands.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve included some pictures of who we hope to look like at the end of our training, courtesy of Brandon (4orty).



Wanna join the fun yourself? Click HERE to see the pricing plans for Zero Gravity Crossfit, then give them a call at (909) 289-7069!




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