It seems like everybody owns a website. The problem is that most people, or businesses, don’t really know if the site is doing anything. What are you stats? Do you get 10 visits a day or 10,000? To help website owners know more about their traffic patterns Google offers Google Analytics. It’s a tool every website owner should use. It requires that you add a snippet of code to your site, and then you can see an amazing amount of data related to your visitors. Monitoring those stats can be done via the Google Analytics website, or from your mobile device using one of the many apps. What are the best Analytics Apps? That will depend on your taste, but here are mine.

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Today’s app is bit more specialized. If you are looking at moving, you know what a pain it is to find the right house. Either you drive around looking for signs, or your Real Estate Agent takes you to look at house they “think” you’ll like. There are a lot of real estate apps out there, and I’ve tried most of them, Zillow, Trulia, and a lot more. My fav is Redfin.

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Today’s app is one I use everyday. In fact, all day, every day. I follow a lot of websites – news, tech blogs, photography blogs & software. I don’t want to constantly visit each site 50 times a day to see if there is a new article, so I use something called RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

…a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—
such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video… (from Wikipedia)

Basically it allow me to subscribe to web sites I like, and see excerpts of any new posts all in one place. VERY handy. To views these “RSS Feeds” you use an RSS Reader, and there is no shortage of them.

My favorite RSS Reader for the iPhone is…

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facebook photo facts

So you feel the need to plaster your mug all over Facebook, do ya? Well here’s a few interesting facts Facebook has collected about photos you may enjoy. Chicks are WAY into themselves, old people suck at tag, and New Year’s Eve ROCKED! Hit the link for the rest of the photo fun.

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I first heard about Glympse on a podcast, as a Pick of the Week. I didn’t get it right away, but something about it sounded cool. I downloaded it and immediately liked it. Glympse allows you to share you current location in the most creative way. I know, you could just tell somewhere where you are, but how is that cool?

With Glympse you can share your location dynamically by sending someone an email or text message. When they click the link in the message they are taken to the Glympse website, or to the app if it’s installed on their phone, where they will see your location live on a map. Yep, live!

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Now that the iPhone is on Verizon everyone I know asks two questions:

Should I buy an iPhone on Verizon?
What apps should I get?

Answering the first question is tough, but the second one is easy. I could give you a list a mile long, but today I decided to focus on an app everyone should use. Evernote is so simple. Capture websites, text, audio, photos, whatever you want as a note for later. All your notes are synchronized between your phone, your online Evernote account, and your Mac or PC – with Evernote installed.

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“The best camera is the one you have with you” is a line I have heard many times. It’s true too. It does no good to own a kick-ass DSLR and not have it with when you need it. Now, it seems, we all have great camera’s with us. Cell phone cameras are amazing. 5MP, 8MP, video…. it’s a great time to live. The iPhone 4 camera is so good I use it a ton but, like any camera, sometimes the photos need so work. Today’s app is Filterstorm for the iPhone and iPad. This is a killer app.

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Recently the New York Times published an article about a study linking video games to depression in teenagers. Being the perfectly well adjusted video game addict that I am, personally, I’m a bit skeptical…

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This weeks app has been reviewed by all the big names: Gigaom, All things Digital, CNET, PCWORLD, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Fox. Yep, it’s the talk of the town. You may have heard about Appl’e Face Time? Well, for now at least, that is only supported over WiFi. T-Mobile even based an ad campaign on the fact that the iPhone could only video chat via WiFi. I think they need to pull those ads now. Tango Video Calls is a cros-platform app that allows you to video chat over WiFi or 3G, and the 3G quality is pretty amazing.

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If you own a smart phone, particularly an iPhone, then you have probably experienced a texting mishap or two thanks to our good friend the AutoCorrect feature.

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