So you might as well tackle some of those chores you’ve been putting off around the house. With a little help from our friends at Eye Handy, what say we learn how to install a dimmer switch this weekend?

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Don’t worry, that crooked little strand of lights you have hanging over your front window looks cool too…

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In case you didn’t see it, this was a great goodbye to Steve Jobs on the Colbert Report the other night.

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If you’ve got 60 seconds, take a trip around the Earth with a time lapse view from the International Space Station…

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I can’t believe I have not done today’s app before. Netflix is the standard for streaming movies, and with apps available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS, it is a must have for any Netflix user. Netflix has recently made some controversial changes to it’s price structure, but if you still have streaming get this app now.

Netflix is available on so many devices…

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Today I am picking something for the Android users. I have been watching this product for a long time, and the reviews rock. Beautiful Widgets from LevelUp Studio is exactly what it sounds like, a set of Widgets for Android devices such as clocks with weathers, weather widgets. It also includes a nice collection of toggle buttons to change the status of your device’s features. The toggles buttons include Brightness change, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Silent, Silent with Vibrate, Mobile, Plane mode, 4G, Auto-rotate. Since this pick is based on appearance, you really need to check it out for yourself.

Below is a video of the product:

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Today I have an iOS app from famed game developer id Software. Rage HD is a rails based first person shooter (FPS) that is set in the world of TV Game Shows. This is not primetime TV. Mutant Bash TV is a show where the contestant, that’s you, kills mutants. The problem is they are also trying to kill you. The game is really a teaser for the upcoming console and PC game arriving later this year. I am not normally a rails-shooter fan, but this is a nice interpretation of the genre. If you have never played a rails shooter, imagine you are at an amusement park on one of those rides where the car takes you through and turns you around while shoot the targets. The old arcade game Time Crisis is also a great example.

In Rage HD most of your movement is scripted, but…

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The next time yer little ‘uns are whinin’ about wearin’ a seat belt, take ‘em to a NASCAR race at Watkins Glen fer a learnin’ experience they’ll never forget. After seein’ these pictures and videos from this past weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me none to see grown me strappin’ into those fancy ‘lectric cars with a 7 point harness and a helmet. Keep readin’ to see some gnarly wrecks.

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If you’re like me and enjoy hanging outside in the middle of the night to catch a good meteor shower, you’ve gotta love this shot of a “shooting star” taken from above by Astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station a couple of nights ago…

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Today’s pick is a game called Cut The Rope from ZeptoLab. In Cut The Rope, your goal is to feed the monster Om Nom. He likes Candy, but you also collect stars at each stage, and break bubbles along the way. Sounds easy, but there are obstacles and enemies that make a simple feeding more difficult. The best way to describe the game is to say it’s award winning:

Best Handheld Game — BAFTA Awards 2011
Most Innovative Game— Pocket Gamer Awards 2011
Best Casual/Puzzle Game — Pocket Gamer Awards 2011
Best Handheld Game — Game Developers Choice Awards 2011
Best Puzzle Game — Best App Ever Awards 2010

The thing that caught my attention about this game were…

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