I think we can all enjoy a good celebration of victory, can’t we? That is Swedish soccer star, Josephine Oqvist (see, even her name is cute), exchanging shirts with a male fan after their win on Saturday, And yes, we’ve got video…

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This totally isn’t about O.J., but he is the poster child for jocks gone bad.

You may have missed the not-so-festive news that Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Alfredo Simon rang in the new year by (allegedly) capping a guy in his homeland, the Dominican Republic.

That made us wonder about other professional athletes we either never heard of, or forgot a long time ago, who haven’t exactly put the kind in mankind. The question is: How many antisocial jocks can we find? The answer is…lots! Here are a few lowlights for you. Some of these are pretty icky; a few are just plain bizarre.

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Just in case you haven’t already heard (which would mean you’ve missed the non-stop coverage of it on ESPN and [...]

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