Last Saturday, the largest competitive series in kickboxing history hit the LA Sports Arena. K-1 is a special type of fight. If you’re familiar with Muay Thai, then you’re on the right track, but K-1 does not allow clinching. These fights are… fights. No wrestling, no clinching, no takedowns and no BJJ strategy. These are non-stop action, and to help out, the ring is very small.

World Grand Prix Champions of K-1 include Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt, and a ton of other big names. Saturday gave us 30 fighters on 15 cards, including 4 heavyweight, 4 Max fights, 4 Super fights, and 3 undercard bouts. What I love about the K-1 series is that for many of the winners, Saturday was just the beginning. Click “Read More” for more photos…

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Normally I shoot concert photos, but I have been involved with Karate, on and off, since 1987. The dojo where I train offers many other disciplines, including BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai. After shooting photos for some of our fighter’s amateur Muay Thai fights in June (photos here), I was hooked.

A few weeks ago the one of those fighters, David Pacheco, fought at Pala again, for the Super Middle Weight Championship, and as you can see in the above photo – He Won! The guy he fought was …

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Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history. Will his record be broken? Will athletes ever stop breaking records? Read on…

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Exciting news, Laker Nation! This just in: the Lakers have been retroactively awarded the 2007 NBA title, reversing the beatdown they suffered in the NBA Finals and passing That Which Is Most Evil as the most decorated team in hoop history with their 17th NBA championship (the Celtics now being reduced to 16 rings). That’s why they hopped in their H.G. Wells Time Machine and scooped up the finest point guard Canada has ever produced, right?

You don’t actually believe the Forum Blue & Gold are now on track to take the cheese in 2013, do you?

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Muay Thai at Pala 061012 259 Edit

I had the chance to shoot photos of some amateur Muay Thai competitions last Saturday. A few guys that train at the same Dojo as I do were fighting, and I thought it would be fun to try and shoot some fast moving sports – but I normally shoot concerts. Fighters move much faster than rock stars. I did get a few shots…

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So for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center, the Kings fans sitting behind the New Jersey Devils’ box brought cutouts of the cast of Jersey Shore (see earlier post) to mess with the visiting team. How do you top that for Game 4 last night? Bring in some porn star boobs of course!…

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Gotta say, I loved the Kings fans that brought cutouts of the Jersey Shore losers and taunted the New Jersey Devils during their 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center on Monday night! And what an amazing run the Kings are on in the postseason in their quest to bring the coolest trophy in all of sports to So Cal for the first time in team history…Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Update: The Chargers have posted a tribute page on their website – click here to get there – on which you can leave your condolences to the Seau family. Also, Saints OL Eric Olsen has posted a great story about an amazing thing Junior Seau did for him as a kid.

Not much to say here other than this: whether you’re a Bolthead or a member of Raider Nation – whether you’re a Trojan or a Bruin, for that matter – you had to admire the talent and heart of Junior Seau. His death today – potentially a suicide – is <insert your preferred synonym for “hideous beyond hideous” here>. We’re sure you join us in sending heartfelt condolences to his family.

Jimbo toasting with a football legend.

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Frankrupt – the worst sports owner in the history of life not named Sterling or Stepien – is history. (Well, unless you count the parking lots he still owns part of.) Lift a glass or ten to celebrate.

That is all.

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Dear Kobe, please do not eat the ball.

Yee-freaking-haw – it’s time for the Lakers’ Second Annual Quest To Catch The Beelzebubs of Basketball, er, Boston Celtics In NBA Championships, also known as the playoffs. Yep, it’s now okay to come to after another pointless NBA regular season, conveniently shortened by a couple months thanks to a lockout we’ve all forgotten.

And this go-round, as expected, we have some exciting new guests. Please welcome to the dance floor the professional sporting world’s former answer to The Twelve Stooges, “yourrrrrrr” Los Angeles Clippers!!! (Actually, the Clips have really always been about one Stooge, but since he owns the team, and his buffoonery has been so, uh, buffoonarific, even all-stars like Danny Manning and Dominique Wilkins have staggered under his buffoonishness.)

Going into the season, we told you SoCal’s two NBA entries were more or less evenly matched, and that’s more or less how things played out this season, with the Lakers (thankfully) taking the season series and, by the skin of Kobe Bryant’s shin, the Pacific Division. Okay, so what happens now? Here we go…

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