Dwight King, Jordan Nolan, Jake Muzzin

The Stanley Cup, quite possibly the coolest trophy in all of sports, will make a visit to Riverside at Romano’s Chicago Pizzeria this Sunday. The LA Kings has an amazing post season run to win the Cup for the second time in three years, and Kings player Jack Ferreira will bring it to Riverside for a couple of hours of the day he gets to spend with the Cup on Sunday evening from 6pm to 8pm. If you’d like to see it up close or take a picture with it, they’re asking for cash donations to benefit the Riverside Community Parks Foundation. Get more details here.

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Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens has been accused of using Deer Antler Spray in order to recover from a triceps accident rapidly. It has effects that mimic steroids. He is denying it. Read more to get the details.

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So for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center, the Kings fans sitting behind the New Jersey Devils’ box brought cutouts of the cast of Jersey Shore (see earlier post) to mess with the visiting team. How do you top that for Game 4 last night? Bring in some porn star boobs of course!…

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Gotta say, I loved the Kings fans that brought cutouts of the Jersey Shore losers and taunted the New Jersey Devils during their 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center on Monday night! And what an amazing run the Kings are on in the postseason in their quest to bring the coolest trophy in all of sports to So Cal for the first time in team history…Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The big, if horrific, sports story today is about hockey. We don’t talk hockey much on here, but we’re huge hockey fans. The news? A plane carrying one of Russia’s best hockey teams, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, crashed today, killing 43 of 45 people on board.

Local puckheads will be particularly saddened to hear of the passing of head coach, Brad McCrimmon, an 18-year NHL veteran, and two longtime League vets with local ties: former King and three-time All-Star Pavol Demitra and 10-year Ducks defensive stalwart Ruslan Salei.

Want to know more? Remarkably good coverage can be found on the NHL’s website. Other than that, words fail us at the moment.

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Not that it’s exactly a surprise, but us sports fans are now being treated to a doubleshot of lockouts. With the NBA having joined the NFL in Laborstrifeland at midnight, instead of getting amped up for the new seasons, we get to watch two simultaneous episodes of Billionaires vs. Millionaires.

Who do you think will win? Do you really care? Us neither.

And now…to hop on the itsovernoitisnt rollercoaster! Over the last couple weeks, there’s been increasing noise that the NFL lockout may be done soon. Today, the WWL says “optimism is waning” for an agreement. Like we said, enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

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So, here we are in the middle of NBA Playoff Season, when every single loss sends the loser’s fans and local media into another round of OHMIGODENDOFTHEWORLDCATSANDDOGSLIVINGTOGETHER panic. With those gloomy skies outside, we need something to brighten our day.

The Lakers – shock! – have everybody not named 4orty freaking out. For us Kings hockey fans, last night’s überdisaster gave us horrific flashbacks to an arguably uglier tank job against St. Louis 13 years ago. The Dodgers? Hahahahaha – though we’re ecstatic to see Bud Selig finally decided to shove one of his size 12′s up Frank McCourt’s…never mind. So, where can we turn for a little sunshine? Jerry Sands mania? Naw. Howzabout…Anaheim – future home of SoCal’s third-worst basketball team and second hockey team that’s trailing 2-1 in its first round series, but also…

Your Los Angeles Angels of Wherever!

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What does it look like when 23,000 teddy bears go flying onto the ice at a hockey game? Kinda like [...]

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