In mere hours, our long footballless national nightmare will end. Exactly seven days before the NFL returns for reals, college ball kicks off tonight. Even with a concert by Kid Rock and two bands you don’t care about, followed by a throwdown between the last two Super Bowl Champs, college ball starts better. Much better.

Why? Ramifications. Whoever loses that Packers-Saints game will be down a tiebreaker that might matter when we get to January. When Saturday is done, two national title contenders will just about be toast.

Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know to dive into warmup weekend before the big boys get started next week.

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Ever hear how totally bizarre and over-the-top high school football is in Texas? We got a taste last year when we went to this place – a high school football stadium complete with luxury boxes. The halftime show was half an hour long and featured this nationally-ranked (really) high school marching band that about half the school participates in. A couple thousand people left the stadium after the halftime show. Seriously.

We won’t even discuss the football game except to say that it was pretty amazing watching our buddy’s entire family melt down when the home team lost its homecoming game. Insane only begins to describe the experience.

Well…at least until you watch this video. Leave your own one-word description for it in the comments section.

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Big ups to the U! The Miami Hurricanes have apparently thrashed the lesser lights at The Ohio State University & U$C, blowing up with a college football scandal of epic proportions.

As the old saying goes, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. And, well, the ‘Canes have (allegedly) been trying really, really hard for the last decade! Where to start? Where to start?

Howzabout with the ringleader who paid for the whole dealybob? His name is Nevin Shapiro, and he’s currently doing 20 years after pleading guilty to running an $880 million ponzi scheme. Bro – way to aim high, though Bernie Madoff laughs at your puny efforts!

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It was nothing less than heart-wrenching listening to Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo this morning, particularly when they did KCAL Sports Stu at 5:50. So profound was Jimbo’s heartache, you could almost hear the tears dribbling off his microphone as he struggled to hold it together.

After all, Randy Moss, the only true love of his life (besides himself, of course), is done. (Until he unretires, anyway.) Join us now as we take a look at Jimbo’s ongoing experience with the five stages of grieving.

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Not that it’s exactly a surprise, but us sports fans are now being treated to a doubleshot of lockouts. With the NBA having joined the NFL in Laborstrifeland at midnight, instead of getting amped up for the new seasons, we get to watch two simultaneous episodes of Billionaires vs. Millionaires.

Who do you think will win? Do you really care? Us neither.

And now…to hop on the itsovernoitisnt rollercoaster! Over the last couple weeks, there’s been increasing noise that the NFL lockout may be done soon. Today, the WWL says “optimism is waning” for an agreement. Like we said, enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

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Eight. That’s the number of games the NFL may try to sell us as being a legitimate 2011 season…

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Happy days are here again totally gone for our darling Tiffany’s beloved The Ohio State University. In case you were under a sports rock this weekend, the Jim Tressel era came to its inevitable crash and burn finale yesterday when the man lovingly known as Cheaty McSweatervest to his unfans stepped down under the kind of pressure that only arises when a bunch of your star players break NCAA rules and you cover it up, lying to your bosses and the NCAA along the way.

We won’t bother you with the whole recap of the fuss in Columbus, not when you can pick up this weeks Sports Illustrated and read the whole thing for yourself. Things are, however, getting worse in Buckeyeland, with a full investigation of prize recruit/semi-star quarterback Terrelle Pryor now underway.

Oh snap! Our embarrassing picture of Tiffany has to wait until after the jump!

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Here’s your chance to your chance to hang with Jimbo (and 4orty – like you care) and feel like a Los Angeles Laker. Y’see, we’re having a little get-together to watch the NFL Draft from 5-7pm at Johnny’s Tacos in Redlands. (Hit the link for a map.)

While we’re there, we’ll chill out with a tall cold one or three. Meanwhile, the Lakers will (we presume) be chilling out in New Orleans, where they may or may not feel compelled to impose their will on the Hornets and avoid a Game Seven in their first-round playoff series.

In addition to getting the answer to our “Will the Lakers care enough to avoid getting punk’d (Zenmaster’s words, not ours) tonight?” question, we’ll also find out answers to these conundrums:

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If they’re gonna play this fall, the full schedule with the whens and wheres are now listed for your team…

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By now you probably know that BYU center Brandon Davies was suspended from the school’s #3-ranked basketball team for an honor code violation, namely knocking boots with his girlfriend. You are also likely aware that the team got dusted last night by unranked New Mexico.

We offer no thoughts on that subject other than to say we respect the school for placing its values ahead of winning basketball games. (By the way, if’n you wanna read the BYU Honor Code, here it is.) We are, however, very confused. Maybe you can hit the jump and answer the magic question.

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