The Super Man-Cave Makeover 2 Pool is all set! Best of luck to all the KCAL Rockers that scored a square, the final score on Sunday night will determine who’s gonna win all the makings of a killer new Man-Cave!

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The crew at Bad Lip Reading hit the NFL again, and it is one of the rare times when a sequel is as good as the original! Here’s last year’s video in case you missed it before!

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What does it feel like to skydive into Mile High Stadium before the AFC Championship Game between Denver and New England? just watch this awesome video and you’ll know. Wow!

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Oakland Coliseum is the last of the old style multi-purpose stadiums in the country used by both a pro football and baseball team, so check out all the work it to switch from the Oakland A’s playoff game on Saturday evening to be ready for the Raiders vs. Chargers game on Sunday night. That is why the game started at 8:30 and ended around midnight.


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LA has a football team! Well kind of?

KISS announced last week that they would be launching their new arena football team beginning play in 2014! Home games will be at Honda Center in Anaheim only a stones throw away from the IE. Season tickets will be available for only $99 and all inaugural season seat holders will be invited to a free Kiss concert at Honda Center next year!

Get the full story!

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Jimbo was able to get Christian Okoye, The Nigerian Nightmare’s, last words.


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Update: The Chargers have posted a tribute page on their website – click here to get there – on which you can leave your condolences to the Seau family. Also, Saints OL Eric Olsen has posted a great story about an amazing thing Junior Seau did for him as a kid.

Not much to say here other than this: whether you’re a Bolthead or a member of Raider Nation – whether you’re a Trojan or a Bruin, for that matter – you had to admire the talent and heart of Junior Seau. His death today – potentially a suicide – is <insert your preferred synonym for “hideous beyond hideous” here>. We’re sure you join us in sending heartfelt condolences to his family.

Jimbo toasting with a football legend.

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Sports Pickle has a sneak peak on what upcoming NFL games you should TRULY avoid.


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The Cleveland Browns released their 2012 NFL Schedule. See how it has been received by a die hard season ticket holder

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Football season is a mere 4+ months away, but you can already smell it, can’t you? Presented for your consideration, here’s the 2012 Chargers schedule.

It’s a pretty funky, but interesting, schedule. Here are a few highlights:

  • Sayyy, Raider fan: the season opens and closes with Hate Week. Yep, it’s Chargers vs. Raiders in Week 1 (Oaktown on Monday night) and Week 17 (at the Q).
  • With His Royal Peytonness in the AFC West, the Bolts see the Broncos for the first time in ‘Diego on Monday of Week 6 (October 15th). The Silver & Black, by the way, see him two weeks earlier on a Sunday in Denver.
  • The Chargers get five – count ‘em, five – night games, with two on Monday, two on Sunday and one on Thursday.
  • Oh lookee – they’re playing Stu’s Steelers in Blitzburgh Three interesting road games that would also make for good promotions if we can work something – Pittsburgh (With Stu?) in Week 14 (December 9th).
  • Two weeks later, they play the Jets in NYC.
  • Oh, and watch out for Dog The Bounty Hunter when they travel to New Orleans in Week 5 (October 7th). Wanna take a roadie to a cool town? Try the Big Easy. Special bonus – The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing there on Thursday before the game.
  • One weird note – After Week 3, the BOlts don’t have a 1pm Sunday kickoff until Week 11. They play only seven 1pm games all season.

Until the NFL Draft in nine days, that is all…

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