Update: The Chargers have posted a tribute page on their website – click here to get there – on which you can leave your condolences to the Seau family. Also, Saints OL Eric Olsen has posted a great story about an amazing thing Junior Seau did for him as a kid.

Not much to say here other than this: whether you’re a Bolthead or a member of Raider Nation – whether you’re a Trojan or a Bruin, for that matter – you had to admire the talent and heart of Junior Seau. His death today – potentially a suicide – is <insert your preferred synonym for “hideous beyond hideous” here>. We’re sure you join us in sending heartfelt condolences to his family.

Jimbo toasting with a football legend.

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The last weekend of the NFL’s regular season always features the same thing: a list of playoff possibilities that you can’t understand without an advanced degree in nuclear physics. We thought we’d simplify the whole deal for you.

To get the painful note out of the way, look up at the pretty picture. Right up there. It says that if you want to spend one last Sunday with the San Diego Chargers, you can do that right here on 96-7 KCAL Rocks. The game, of course, lacks much significance beyond the Bolts’ introduction to the Mile High Messiah, Tim Tebow, after last weekend’s disaster in Cincinnati.

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One week removed from a 10-game season-destroying losing streak, pretty much everything about the Cincinnati Bengals sucks. The San Diego Chargers will trash them on Sunday, and you can hear the carnage live on 96-7 KCAL Rocks.

There. That was easy. Now, let’s get down to the other game affecting the Chargers’ playoff fate.

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Three Thursdays after Thanksgiving, the Chargers are simply glad to be alive in the AFC West. Tonight – in a matchup you can conveniently hear on the very radio station bringing you this website – they begin the dessert portion of their schedule, beginning with the San Francisco 49ers, who are kind enough to wear a cranberry sauce-like color on their unis.

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To borrow from the immortal movie Young Frankenstein, it’s alive!!! Just one thing, however: if you see a Chargers fan walking down the street, do both of you a favor and don’t ask, “Where was that team last week?” You’ll just confuse them, since they won’t know whether you’re talking about the Bolts or the Raiders.

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A win Sunday against the division-leading Kansas City Chiefs is the only thing standing between the San Diego Chargers and football Armageddon. (That, of course, is why you’ll be listening to that very football game on 96-7 KCAL Rocks at 1:15pm this Sunday.)

What better news for the Bolts, then, than Matt Cassel, the K.C. QB, coming down with a bum appendix.

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How’s this for irony? The Raiders and Chargers now need each other in order to win the AFC West. And they do need to win the division.

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Well, here we are.  On Sunday, the Chargers and Raiders meet for the final time in 2010, and unlike recent [...]

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When last we left Hate Week, we were discussing Boltheads’ love (Yeehaw – more sarcasm!) of all things Raiders. Being fair and impartial, we made a point of inviting in a couple of our resident members of Raider Nation to run their best smack at the Chargers. Please welcome to the Sportsbeast pages, Darth Raider and Daryl! Have at, fellas!

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We have a funny feeling that, unlike in the good old days, Chargers and Raiders players probably don’t hate each other. Hell, they probably winter in Cancun together after the season’s done. On the other hand, Chargers and Raiders fans still hate each other, though really, everyone’s cool…give or take the occasional biting off of an ear.

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