ADVENTURES OF POWER – Official Trailer by AriGoldFilms

“Air drums? I’ve heard of air guitar, but air drums?” you say? Yeah. Air drums! And Ari Gold (who stars in the movie above) is the guy that is gonna lead you into the Guinness Book of World’s Records at Rock & Roll Bingo at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino this year on 10/11/12. In addition to winning almost $20,000 in cash playing KCAL style bingo. last year everyone that won tickets to our huge party helped shatter the record for Biggest Air Guitar Ensemble In History. Here are some of the highlights:

This year, with the help of AC/DC tribute band TNT, we’re going to set another GUINNESS WORLD RECORDâ„¢ and grab another piece of legendary air band status as we set the standard for Largest Air Drum Ensemble! Listen for your chance to win your way into the action, but you’ve gotta hurry, the tickets will be all gone after Sunday, October 7th!

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Green Day is diving into an ambitious time in their career…releasing three full albums over the next 6 months. They’re called “Uno”. which will be released in September, “Dos”, coming out in November, and “Tre” (named after their drummer, Tre Cool), which will hit the stores just after the first of the year. The lyric video above is the first song from Uno, “Oh Love”…

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Ok, I’ve gotta say, that was incredibly fun! I wasn’t sure just what to expect when I was invited to drive out to Los Angeles after my show ended at 6 o’clock on Wednesday night to attend a Van Halen event, but man am I glad I went! Here are some of the video highlights I took with my phone in the little soundstage at the Jim Henson Studios (yeah, the Muppets guy) of the hour long set the band put on for the 250 or so of us that were there…more details after the jump

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Well, they made it official today! Black Sabbath has announced a reunion with all four original members. They’re kicking it off next summer in England, headlining the Download Festival (along with Metallica, who’ll be playing the Black Album in it’s entirety!), and then a big ol’ world tour. There’s also a new album in the works, their first consisting of all new material in 33 years, with legendary producer Rick Rubin handling the production. Bring it on!

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Boobs. For some people it’s the bigger the better, and others like ‘em more on the ittier-bittier side, but you’ve probably never seen them mapped out like this before!

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Yeah, Times Square has the big party on New Year’s Eve with the giant Crystal Ball dropping at midnight to ring in the new year, but Mt. Olive, North Carolina has the giant Pickle Drop. Click to see more fun stuff to drop!

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Ready for the baseball playoffs? Hell yeah! Can’t wait to watch my beloved New York Yankees go for the repeat [...]

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Southern California’s only professional football team, the San Diego Chargers, have come to 96-7 KCAL Rocks. From the pre-season to [...]

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