According to and these pictures, the world’s stupidest internet trend has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Pictures of people Tebowing have been taken at every one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and other famous landmarks all over the planet. And all this time I thought “Tebowing” was just another name for throwing a Pick 6. I guess we’ll find out in the NFL season finale this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of idiots failing miserably at another stupid internet trend called “Batmanning”. Don’t even get me started on “Planking”…..

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A guy that looks kinda like former Denver Bronco QB Kyle Orton vents after getting replaced by Tim Tebow and then cut from the team…

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Y’all can officially stick a fork in the 2011 NASCAR season, but it didn’t end without a good ol’ fashion peddle mashin’ duel to the checkers at Miami/Homestead Speedway.

Take one part championship trophy, one part The Carl, add some Smoke, sprinkle in a little weather, and you’ve got a recipe for the closest race for the title in NASCAR history.

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Alright boys, it’s time to reach up and pull them straps tight one more time, cuz it’s time for NASCAR’s big guns to duke it out fer 10 more rounds in The Chase for the Sprint Cup. And here’s yer lineup:

For those of ya not intimate enough with NASCAR to speak the numbers, that would be Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brian Keselowski, and Denny Hamlin.
AND YER WINNER IS: Kyle “Rowdy” Busch driving the Sunoco fueled Joe Gibbs Racing #18 M&M’s Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry sponsored by Z-Line, NOS Energy Drink, Gillette… oh, and Electric Sunglasses.
Don’t agree? Keep on readin’ and find out why I’m right.

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The next time yer little ‘uns are whinin’ about wearin’ a seat belt, take ‘em to a NASCAR race at Watkins Glen fer a learnin’ experience they’ll never forget. After seein’ these pictures and videos from this past weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me none to see grown me strappin’ into those fancy ‘lectric cars with a 7 point harness and a helmet. Keep readin’ to see some gnarly wrecks.

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The knuckle-headed nation of NASCAR has turned the 2011 racin’ season into an episode of Jerry Springer, and it’s about time I put down the ‘shine and git y’all caught up on the drama. Cousin Carl’s been flirtin’ with EVERYBODY, the entire state of Kentucky was in gridlock, Mini-Chad is terrorizin’ the garage area, Keselowski is now “Krash-a-lot-ski“, and apparently potheads enjoy changin’ tires. If that ain’t enough fun fer ya, this new Wild Card thingy has thrown a wrench into the standin’s, and this week the boys gotta turn RIGHT! Keep goin’ for the details… near as I can figure, anyway.

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What a great weekend that was for for baseball lovers as we head into the All-Star break…

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I think we can all enjoy a good celebration of victory, can’t we? That is Swedish soccer star, Josephine Oqvist (see, even her name is cute), exchanging shirts with a male fan after their win on Saturday, And yes, we’ve got video…

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Then he’d be the one cashing in on the t-shirt sales instead of the guy that came up with the new line of “Frankrupt” stuff

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Lefty Turns Denny Loader

It’s a freakin’ MIRACLE! We’re halfway ’round the bend on the 2011 go ’round of NASCAR and Ol’ Lefty FINALLY got one right. So far this year I’ve done a better job of pickin’ my nose than pickin’ winners, but Denny Hamlin finally came home with the checkers in the Heluva Good! 400 at Michigan International this past Sunday.

Now before we git too far down this road, I gotta point out that I ain’t pullin’ yer leg when I call it the Heluva Good! 400. I know it sounds like somethin’ I’d say when describin’ a Tuesday night at the local bowlin’ alley, but that really is the name of the race. NASCAR will slap a sponsor on justabout anything, and Heluva Good! just happens ta be some darn tasty sour cream dips. So next time yer thinkin’ about eatin’ somethin’ crunchy, make it a Heluva Good! snack. I guarantee you’ll have a Heluva Good! party and yer guests will have a Heluva Good! time. Ya see what I did there? Should be worth a couple thousand bucks of endorsement fees and I can use a new bass fishin’ boat. Keep readin’ fer the rest of the race breakdown.

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