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See that? That is what Vance Albitz’s living room is looking like lately. If we have our way, it is gonna look a lot more packed than that in the next few days! I don’t know if you had a chance to hear him with Stu, Tiffany, and Jimbo this morning, but that is a young man with a great plan. After reading an article asking some of our troops what they would most like to get in a box from home where the answer was “A couple of gloves and a ball so we could play catch”, Vance started up the Gloves4Troops web site with his father, and set a goal of collecting 1000 gloves and balls to send out to our troops overseas. Such a pure and simple joy, playing catch, and all of us here at KCAL were moved to find some way to help out. Now Vance plays minor league ball in the St. Louis Cardinals organization, and he’s got to report to spring training on February 18th, so it’s up to us to help him get closer to his goal before then.

If you’ve got an old glove taking up space in the garage, or a few baseballs that are in good shape that you could manage to live without, or if you’ve got 20 bucks that you could kick down to help sponsor sending a box to our troops overseas, please help out. Check out his web site to see how to get your things to him, or bring your gloves or balls down to the station and we’ll get them to him for you. To make it even easier for you to join the effort, we’ll be sending the KCAL Crew out to the various corners of the I.E. over the next few days. Listen in to find out when we’ll be in your neighborhood! Here’s a really cool article that was written about Vance on ESPN too…

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How did we ever survive without cell phone video? Here’s a lovely young lady taking a shot at the portable stripper pole at a tailgate party before the Bears game in Chicago on Sunday. She may want to rethink that career as a “dancer”…

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Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history. Will his record be broken? Will athletes ever stop breaking records? Read on…

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So for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center, the Kings fans sitting behind the New Jersey Devils’ box brought cutouts of the cast of Jersey Shore (see earlier post) to mess with the visiting team. How do you top that for Game 4 last night? Bring in some porn star boobs of course!…

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Gotta say, I loved the Kings fans that brought cutouts of the Jersey Shore losers and taunted the New Jersey Devils during their 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Staples Center on Monday night! And what an amazing run the Kings are on in the postseason in their quest to bring the coolest trophy in all of sports to So Cal for the first time in team history…Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Cleveland Browns released their 2012 NFL Schedule. See how it has been received by a die hard season ticket holder

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Man, the NFL sure as hell knows how to keep people talking about it all year long, don’t they? The draft is just around the corner, and today they released the full schedule for the upcoming season. It all opens up on Wednesday, September 5th, with the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants taking on their division rival Dallas Cowboys. The first Sunday night game features Stuman’s Steelers heading to Denver to face the now Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos. Monday night? Opening weekend double header once again. Cincinnati taking on Baltimore at 4pm on Sunday, September 10th, and then they let loose the rivalry right out of the gate with the Raiders and the Chargers banging heads at 7:15pm! Damn, I’m ready to go now! Click here to find out who/when/where your team is playing this season

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For your enjoyment, here’s Batman running onto the field at the Baltimore Orioles home opener the other day. Nice tackle by the cop!

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I was watching a spring training game on cable this weekend when I saw that logo above on one of the teams’ hats. I thought to myself, “Are they playing a college team or something?”. Nope, it is the new major league logo for what they are now calling the Miami Marlins (formerly the Florida Marlins).

Now that is bad enough, but they’ve also got a new stadium. Wait’ll you see the new feature that comes to life when a Marlin hits a home run at the new stadium:

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