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A lot of us wish there were something specific we could do to show our support for those who are serving overseas. Tomorrow (Friday), there is: Pfc. Nathan Tyler Davis became the first Yucaipa native to be killed in combat since the Vietnam War. He was 20 years old.

You know those horrible people from the Westboro Baptist so-called “church?” They’re planning on picketing the funeral. They plan on gathering outside Yucaipa Christian Church at 10:45, according to their fliers and website.

We want to outnumber these nut cases by the hundreds (at the very least). Davis’ memorial service starts at 1pm at Yucaipa Christian. There will then be a processional route from the church to the burial at Sunnyslope Cemetery in Beaumont. Beaumont and Yucaipa city officials are encouraging people to show their support (and wave flags, signs, whatever you’ve got) along the route. You can find a map of it at, and lots more detail on the whole thing at
Let’s show these morons how the Inland Empire steps up to protect a soldier’s family that is already hurting enough.

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Underground tunnel

Ever wanted to escape the maddening streets of Los Angeles? Go underneath it!

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I’d like to invite you to join me for some fun, bbq, and awesome classic cars in Riverside this Saturday. I’ll be out at Law’s Restaurant at 9640 Indiana Ave (right by Van Buren) from Noon to 2pm to help support Donate Life. Donate Life promotes organ anf tissue donation, a great cause that has the ability to change the lives of so many people…

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If you haven’t noticed, Venus and Jupiter are really close together up there this week, and the best part is the best time to see them is just after the sunset so you don’t have to stay up all night to check ‘em out. Just look to the west. More pics and info…

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Way to go Hangar 24 Brewery! Earlier today, Monday, a small plane crashed just outside of Redlands Airport (where the Hangar 24 microbrewery is located), and some of the guys that work there came running out just in time to drag the pilot out of the plane before it caught on fire and burned to a crisp. Saved the guy’s life!

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If you’re like me and enjoy hanging outside in the middle of the night to catch a good meteor shower, you’ve gotta love this shot of a “shooting star” taken from above by Astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station a couple of nights ago…

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Then he’d be the one cashing in on the t-shirt sales instead of the guy that came up with the new line of “Frankrupt” stuff

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Gourmet food trucks are popping up all over the country but you won’t see one in San Bernardino County . That’s because the County no longer allows them to cruise around and park it with their vast array of goodies. So Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario is hosting the I.E. Food Truck Fest on Saturday, June 18th. Sample food from 50 gourmet food trucks. And food is just a part of it. Read more and I’ll fill you in…and you…prepare to fill up!

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…the Lake Perris Recreation Area starts rocking with boaters, swimmers, cyclists and campers. This past weekend’s stellar weather was perfect to spend at the park. When’s the last time you went there? Were you around when it opened? Do you remember that? For details how you can enjoy Lake Perris jump ahead.

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To paraphrase the old Missing Persons’ song…nobody walks in the IE. At least they shouldn’t if they don’t want to add to our new ranking as one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the U.S.

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