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The famous Ron Burgundy of the Anchorman movies delivered the news last week for a TV station in Bismarck, North Dakota! He is truly the best in the business! Check out the video below and make sure you watch Anchorman coming to theaters December 18th!

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Maybe this guys should join Bon Jovi?

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It was great to witness Korn being inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk. Rob Zombie was in attendance to introduce the band. After the induction Fieldy, Ray, and Head spoke to me for a few minutes about the induction and their brand new album, The Paradigm Shift.

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Pamela Anderson announced this week that she is going to be running in New York Marathon this year…wait…pause…picture Pamela Anderson running…got a visual? Yes…it is sweet!

Anyways, the former Baywatch star said this week ‚ÄúTogether, I hope we can raise at least $500,000 (for J/P Haitian Relief Organization) and make a huge impact in this magical country‚Ķkeep checking my page and Facebook and Twitter to find out about all sorts of contests I‚Äôll be running from now until November-I will give updates on my training too!”

One more time…Pamela running yes! Epic! Ok, here’s some video:

Catch the full story here.

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That is the live version of Master of Puppets from the new film. Man, the concert footage looks great. Here are few looks behind the scenes of the Metallica movie, “Through The Never”, opening in 3D IMAX this Friday. Listen for your chance to score tickets, soundtracks, t-shirts, and more, all week long on KCAL!

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KISS isn’t wasting any time assembling their new arena football army! Just a month or so after announcing the formation of the team Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the rest of the KISS crew are trying to recruit one of the biggest names in football to be their starting quarterback…Tim Tebow!

Since being released by the Pats, Tebow has been approached by a few CFL teams, a rugby team and now KISS! No word yet on what the 26 year old NFL castoff will do but I would say most people are rooting for the kid! After all everyone loves to Tebow, right? Hello. Is thing thing on?

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The new Metallica 3D IMAX movie, Through The Never, will hit the screens on Friday September 27th, so here are a couple more clips they’ve released to help get you ready. Listen to KCAL starting on Monday the 23rd for your chance to win tickets and copies of the soundtrack!

Looks fun!

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Before the show tonight I was searching the web, pretending to work, when I came across something very interesting! Apparently [...]

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LA has a football team! Well kind of?

KISS announced last week that they would be launching their new arena football team beginning play in 2014! Home games will be at Honda Center in Anaheim only a stones throw away from the IE. Season tickets will be available for only $99 and all inaugural season seat holders will be invited to a free Kiss concert at Honda Center next year!

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