The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong….and Robert Plant has officially joined in!

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Can’t wait, this looks awesome!

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We’re just a couple of days away from the final KCAL Kegger of the season, and the awesome Miss KCAL Rockmate 2014 Bikini Pageant on Friday where we’ll crown the new official KCAL spokes-model and shower her with $10,000 in cash and prizes! Some of the lovely ladies that applied have been stopping by the station, like Sarah from Riverside bringing Stu, Tiffany and Jimbo to their knees above


Kimberlee from San Bernardino dropped by Patrick’s show


Redlands own April swung by for a visit on an obviously very warm afternoon with Daryl and Kelli


Erica from Hemet brought her colorful self in studio to get to know the KCAL listeners


Michelle from San Bernardino stopped by to hang with STJ and special guest, comedian Jeff Garcia.


Upland sent us surfer Ashley, a former Lingerie Football League player!


There were no butts about it when April from San Bernardino came to hang with Kelli and Daryl


And STJ tried, but failed, to recreate the sassy “hands between the legs” pose that Cristal from Fontana sent over with her application.


Desirae is a 2nd generation KCAL Rocker from Riverside, her parents raised her right!


Despite hating smelly, short, cocky guys, Carla came in from Alta Loma and braved being in studio with Jimbo. He may have been little butt hurt.


Melissa from Ontario looks like she’s ready to work the catwalk at the Kegger!


Kristen from Riverside and Patrick posing for the movie “Frozen”. We think. We hope.


Nikki from Moreno Valley dropped by for an STJ hang!


Melissa from Fontana comes from a family of long time KCAL rockers and has hit a few Keggers before, now she wants to see one from the stage


Mayra from Riverside has the spokes-model pose down. Daryl and 4orty, not so much.


And Rochelle from Rancho Cucamonga wrapped up the parade and brightened up the KCAL studios. Big thanks and best of luck to all the girls that entered, we’ll announce the finalists tomorrow and then the Miss KCAL Rockmate Bikini Pageant happens on Friday afternoon at the final KCAL Kegger of the season, come on down and join the fun from 4pm to 8pm!

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Riverside Rocker Cropped 2

KCAL and beer go together like….well, KCAL and beer! You’ve been hearing a bit about it, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you more about a project we’ve been working on…we hooked up with the awesome brew masters over at Inland Empire Brewing Company in Riverside to come up with a series of seasonal KCAL inspired beers. The KCAL Rocks The IE Brew Series! The first one is a refreshing light lager perfect for the hot I.E. summer that we’re calling The Riverside Rocker. It’ll be available in stores soon, but this Saturday you can be among the very first to try it when you join the Stuman and the KCAL Crew for the debut tapping at the big Anniversary Party happening at D Dogs Sportsbar in Downtown Riverside from 4pm-6pm.

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Ozzy Osbourne

Click Read More for a link to the full story…..

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As we’re getting ready for the final KCAL Kegger of 2014 (Kegger #48 overall), featuring the Miss KCAL Rockmate Bikini contest and your final chance to enter to win the 2 year lease on that brand new Ford F-150 Supercab from Redlands Ford, we take you back to the very first KCAL Party in the Parking Lot, the 3rd Of July Party back in the early 90s right after we moved into the new building on Orange Tree Lane…maybe you were there, or maybe your parents were! Click to see more pics

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Here’s the cover art for the new Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways, coming out November 10th. It is their 8th album and if you check it out, you’ll see the number 8 shows up in all 8 cities represented on the cover since the album was recorded in eight different cities, New York, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, TX and Chicago. Dave Grohl tells you what you can expect, “This album is instantly recognizable as a Foo Fighters record, but there’s something deeper and more musical to it. I think that these cities and these people influenced us to stretch out and explore new territory, without losing our ‘sound.’” Here’s a little snippet and a piece of video from one of the songs:

Here are the 8 songs on the album:
“Something from Nothing”
“The Feast and The Famine”
“What Did I Do?/God as My Witness”
“In the Clear”
“I Am a River”

And, to help get you geared up for the new album, Dave has also put together an 8 part special featuring the recording process in each of the cities that we’ll be able to catch starting in October on HBO.

Can’t wait!

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