Heart, with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience

When is a concert is more than just entertainment?


I was going to write this post over a week ago. I actually started writing it too. Really, I did. Then something interesting happened. Last week I was on-the-air for Daryl, and when I came in after Kelli we started taking about this concert. I shot the show at The Greek, in LA, on Friday. She had seen it in Indio the night after I shot it. It seems I am not the only one that loved the show.


I have shot Heart 3 times now (The first two are here, and here), and this was the second time shooting JB’s LZE (the first is here). As I first started writing this, I started thinking… “You have posted these guys before, so why again? What makes this something that deserves another set of photos?” I had to sit on that for awhile. I knew I had an answer, but wasn’t sure what it was just yet. Then it hit me…

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As Motley Crue get ready to kick into their 2nd residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino starting later this month, they’re also making plans for their final tour. Vince Neil tells Billboard Magazine that they’ll be calling it quits on the road in 2014 with a tour starting up in Spring. He says they plan on still making music together occasionally, but the it’ll be the end of any regular touring for the band. Listen for your chance to hit on of the Vegas shows in October, we’ve got a killer VIP package for you! It’s KCAL’s Lucky 7′s for Motley Crue in Vegas. Listen each weekday at 7am with STJ and again at 7pm with Patrick for your chance to score!

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LA has a football team! Well kind of?

KISS announced last week that they would be launching their new arena football team beginning play in 2014! Home games will be at Honda Center in Anaheim only a stones throw away from the IE. Season tickets will be available for only $99 and all inaugural season seat holders will be invited to a free Kiss concert at Honda Center next year!

Get the full story!

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The group that owns Madison Square Garden in New York City has taken over the legendary Forum in Inglewood and they’re putting 100 million dollars into renovating it and returning it to glory. That includes painting it the original red once again. The former home of the Lakers and The Kings, site of countless concerts by all of the biggest artists in rock history. If you grew up in Southern California, you probably saw a bunch of shows there over the years. Can’t wait to catch a show there early next year, they’re opening up the new place with The Eagles in January! Now, if only we can get them to hang the retired Lakers jerseys up in the rafters again…click “Read More” for all the details

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Here’s some video of Metallica’s secret show they did down in San Diego following their Comic-Con appearance to plug their new movie…Seek and Destroy!

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Get ready for PJ to hit the L.A. Sports Arena, Saturday and Sunday, November 23rd and 24th! Tickets will be going on sale on Saturday, July 2th at 10am.

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Last weekend, The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival kicked off it’s 2013 season at the San Manuel Amphitheater – right here in San Bernardino. I had never been to a Mayhem Festival before, but I have wanted to shoot photos there for a long time. It lived up to the hype.

Click through for photos and more…

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I love this time of year. Summer has just started, Kegger Season is under way, and it’s Festival Concert Season. I love photographing any concert, but festivals are the best. Last year I was able to shoot the Vans Warped Tour for the first time and had a blast – you can look back at that post here if you want. This year Warped hit the Pomona Fairplex for two days, last Thursday and Friday, with 9 stages, and more bands than I am willing to count. But in the list was a great selection of metalcore bands, so I decided to shoot the Thursday show.

Warped is different than…

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Saturday, June 8th, The big Orion + Music Festival that Metallica put together opened up in Detroit. Opening the 2nd stage was a band called “dehaan”. Or so they wanted you to think. In actuality, it was the festival headliners themselves, and Metallica took the small stage and ripped into the full “Kill ‘Em All” album in it’s entirety! Great way to get things rolling for the festival, and a cool reward for those that were smart enough to get there early. For those of us that couldn’t make it, feel free to relax and crank up video of the full set right here. Enjoy!

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The US Festival put the IE in the world wide spotlight for a few days back in 1983, thanks to Apple Computers c0-founder Steve Wozniak deciding to blow some of the millions of dollars that he made inventing home computers to throw a huge multi-day concert/party! There was a Rock Day, a New Wave Day, a Heavy Metal Day, and a Country Day.All of us that were there have a couple of somewhat clear memories, like a really wasted David Lee Roth:

But what is really amazing is checking out the full line-up from 30 years ago and thinking…damn, they did an a pretty great job putting together Metal Day, didn’t they?
Van Halen, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Triumph, Motley Crue, and Quiet Riot!

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