According to and these pictures, the world’s stupidest internet trend has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Pictures of people Tebowing have been taken at every one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and other famous landmarks all over the planet. And all this time I thought “Tebowing” was just another name for throwing a Pick 6. I guess we’ll find out in the NFL season finale this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of idiots failing miserably at another stupid internet trend called “Batmanning”. Don’t even get me started on “Planking”…..

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texting gloves

So I was spending my Monday here at 96-7 KCAL Rocks doing what I usually do, which is find great ways to waste time on the internet. After I checked my fantasy football teams and watched a bunch of FAIL videos of guys getting hit in the crotch, I stumbled across THIS LINK to the 2012 promotional calendar for the San Francisco Giants. You’ll never guess what I found. Unless you already read the title of this article. Or looked at the picture. Anyway, read more to learn all about it.

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For those of you who insist on humiliating your pet this Halloween, hit the link to see Doggy Halloween done right!

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Judas Priest is coming to the San Manuel Amphitheatre tomorrow, and they’re bringing Black Label society and Thin Lizzy with them! Need tickets? Stop by Hooters in Riverside at 3PM Saturday, and the first 50 KCAL Rockers to find the KCAL Crew will score VIP TICKETS to the show. Our friends at Hooters will also be kicking down some great drink specials and 10 FREE WINGS to the first 50, so make plans to join us before the show for the Judas Priest Pre-Show Party!

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In my never ending quest to advance the scientific knowledge of getting drunk, I decided to steal borrow the pedometer from Stu, Tiffany, & Jimbo and conduct a little experiment at the Kegger last Friday. Usually they use this thing to find out who can pump their fist the most times in a minute, or some other stupid stunt like that. (4orty won that one, by the way. He clicked off something like 90 strokes in 30 seconds. Apparently he’s been practicing). It’s actually designed to count your steps, and as the Promotions Director here, I take A LOT of ‘em on Kegger day. I decided to find out just how many… READ MORE for the answer!

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Think you have to be 007 to pull off the greatest escape of all time? Well, this guy decided to purposely cause a gigantic avalanche and then escaped it by parachuting off a cliff. And he talked his friend into doing it too, just to make sure they got the ever important 2nd camera angle.

“Suck on that, James Bond”, is I’m sure what he was thinking the whole time. Either that, or “ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap NOW I’M FLYING ohcrapohcrapohcrap WOOHOO!”

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The Budweiser Clydesdales are stopping by 96-7 KCAL Rocks! Stop by the KCAL parking lot between 4PM and 6PM this Thursday. You know, the parking lot where we have the KCAL Keggers and drink A LOT of Anheuser Busch’s beer. Help us kick off race weekend at the Auto Club Speedway and then show some love for Kevin Harvick in the #29 Budweiser Chevy Impala on Sunday.

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You may have seen this map on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you may have seen people FREAKIN’ OUT about it. Don’t be one of those idiots easily misled people. A little research will show you that the logo is ripped off from a legitimate company. The suggested scenario is about as plausible as giant Teletubbies emerging from the Atlantic and laying waste to the entire Eastern Seaboard. Let’s get back to focusing on the real tragedy and lending a helping hand.

Thank you, Zakk Sabbath

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facebook photo facts

So you feel the need to plaster your mug all over Facebook, do ya? Well here’s a few interesting facts Facebook has collected about photos you may enjoy. Chicks are WAY into themselves, old people suck at tag, and New Year’s Eve ROCKED! Hit the link for the rest of the photo fun.

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In a sure sign that the Apocalypse is very near, the Associated Press is reporting that the cast of ‘Glee’ has just surpassed Elvis for the most ‘Hot 100′ singles on the Billboard charts. Why don’t we dig up John Lennon and spit on him while we’re at it?

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