My dog Bonnie has been coming to work with me because of the threat of thunderstorms in the HD these [...]

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See what Stick Girl Book Reviews has to say about Shame’s Ballad by Susan Landers

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As if three new albums coming out in the next 6 months isn’t enough, now Green Day is getting the Angry Birds treatment…

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Buy it now at Amazon. Rock on!

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The email in which I received this picture is titled Companionship and there is no doubt that this is what [...]

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Wishing all KCAL rockers a happy, healthy, prosperous, and rockin’ 2012!

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I bought some Cups of Joe for some Joes to celebrate the 4th, and one of the soldiers serving in Afganistan sent me this thank you:

“Thank you very much for thinking of us Susan! I’m pulling 12 hour over night guard shifts and and fortunate enough to be able to make it to a Green Beans on my break. The iced coffees (too hot over here much of the time to want hot coffee) definitely help me through the nights. Thanks again! Rob”

Details on how you can do likewise after the jump.

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Come out and give a pint.  The LifeStream blood drive is this Thursday 6/16/2011 from 8 am to 6 pm [...]

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