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The twin brothers who claimed that Facebook was their idea didn’t think that $65 million dollars was enough money in a settlement with the company.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were Harvard classmates of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and claimed that he stole their idea for the social network as outlined in the Oscar nominated movie. I find it unbelievable that they had settler’s remorse and asked for the case to be thrown out. Really? Sixty-five million dollars is not enough money?

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Applebee’s employees have a lot to explain after serving a 15-month old boy a margarita. How did the parents of the boy find out their kid was sipping alcohol? He kept saying “hi” and “bye” to the wall and then put his head down on the table and fell asleep. Sounds like a buzz to me! However, let’s not make light of the situation since this is a baby we’re talking about. Here’s what happened…

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You don’t have to drive very far at all to see some great baseball. We have four minor league teams and they all have their opening night tonight. Pending the weather – which I would think the games would be rain delayed rather than postponed – take the family out for local, great entertainment.

After the jump, I’ll give you the links to preview your closest team and how you can buy tickets, and – special bonus – I’ll give you the new major league affiliations for our Inland Empire teams.

For the second time in one week, it’s time for baseball but this is OUR baseball. Get out and enjoy!

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It’s that time of the year again! Partake in ale, turkey legs, big boobs, small boobs and total debauchery. The original Renaissance Pleasure Faire begins this weekend and if you’ve never gone, don’t miss out.

It really is like stepping back in time – to the middle ages. And in this day where it’s cool to be politically correct you can leave that behavior at the gates when you enter the Faire. Anything goes and it’s assumed that you will be…naughty!

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The world’s tallest hotel opened today in Hong Kong. It is 1,600 feet tall so you are sleeping roughly one-third of a mile in to the sky. That just freaks me out.

I was treated once to a free room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Problem was? The room booked for me was on the 20th floor. Since the room was free I wasn’t going to bitch about it but throughout my whole stay I couldn’t go anywhere near the windows. Even going up in the elevator creep-ed me out. Ya think I’m afraid of heights? Oh hells yeah! So check out this hotel and imagine yourself sleeping on one of the top floors.

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Man, I have had enough of the rain. How about you? Thank goodness there’s nothing but great weather in our upcoming forecast. The sunny warm weather makes it a great time to see Southern California’s wildflowers.

I can’t believe it took me this long in my life to see the blooms in Joshua Tree. Do you realize how very close that park is to you here in the Inland Empire? There’s a couple of other great places to check out our wildflowers. Pack an ice chest and head out!

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There’s a couple of pairings on the summer concert circuit that I am excited about. First is the Def Leppard and Heart tour. These are two of my favorite bands so I am thrilled that I get to see them both together.

The second pairing is another one I won’t miss. Motley Crue with Poison. That’s going to be an awesome show. Let’s see what else is going on, shall we?

March 25, 2011 at 10:20 am | Concerts, KCAL Crew, KCAL Rocks, Lifestyle, Rock News | No comment

From this Dodger fan’s perspective, the only good thing about the San Francisco Giants winning the pennant is that Barry Bonds wasn’t there to get a ring. Judgment day has arrived for the player with the most home runs.

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While Sammy Hagar was living in Fontana he swears that he encountered aliens. And they downloaded information in to his brain. Think he’s joking?

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Charlie Sheen is going from crazy to brilliant in my book. And Jimmy Buffet feels the same way!

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