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Starting Friday March 21st and continuing for 10 days we can indulge during the first ever Inland Empire Restaurant Week. Fixed menu prices (discounted) at a ton of I.E. eateries.

Click here for the list of restaurants and pricing

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That’s the title of the Italian game directly responsible for our modern day game of Bingo. And it’s really old too! From its origination in 1530 “Lo Giucco del Lotto d’Italia” is the Italian State Lottery in existence to this day. So while we are hoping you win your share of cash at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino with our World Record Rock and Roll Bingo on September 22nd, let’s give props to the one dude who took the Italian game and popularized it in to the Bingo we know today.

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Meet Trayvon RobinsonĂ¯Â»Â¿. As of today he is on the Dodgers’ 40-Man Roster. So when will his happy butt transfer over to the active roster and he’ll be playing at Dodger Stadium? Who knows. I am a lifelong Dodgers fan and this season I find myself going “who the hell is that?” during a lot of their games. Now being a fan does not mean fanatic – I do not consider myself an expert on the Dodgers organization. But still you think I would know the day-to-day players. Nope. Here’s my new game: Who’s in the Dodgers lineup today/tonight? But there are two more games we could play in regard to the Dodgers team this season. Jump ahead and see if you agree.

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Gourmet food trucks are popping up all over the country but you won’t see one in San Bernardino County . That’s because the County no longer allows them to cruise around and park it with their vast array of goodies. So Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario is hosting the I.E. Food Truck Fest on Saturday, June 18th. Sample food from 50 gourmet food trucks. And food is just a part of it. Read more and I’ll fill you in…and you…prepare to fill up!

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…the Lake Perris Recreation Area starts rocking with boaters, swimmers, cyclists and campers. This past weekend’s stellar weather was perfect to spend at the park. When’s the last time you went there? Were you around when it opened? Do you remember that? For details how you can enjoy Lake Perris jump ahead.

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The United States is getting ready to host the royal couple next month. Prince William and Duchess Kate will be here in July and guess where they will visit? California! Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, they walk in to ours. Wills and Kate will be staying in San Francisco first and then off to Yosemite. The guest services in Yosemite are arranging the accommodations and while camping is not on the list, don’t you think it would be funny if they did put the royals up in a tent? Jolly good, old sport! The place they are staying welcomed William’s grandmother. Queen Elizabeth II in 1963. Read more and see how the camping goes in Yosemite.

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A BMX rider from New Zealand pulled off a world record. He did a triple backflip. And not only did he keep control during the triple rotation but he landed perfectly. A rep for the Guinness World Records was there so it’s official. Above is a shot during the ride but you have to see the video of the whole thing so take the jump.

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Yes, Hines Ward looks pretty good in this photo with his Superbowl MVP trophy for the Steelers win in Superbowl XL in 2006. He is the first Korean American to ever win it.

One of Ward’s other distinctive awards was being named the NFL’s dirtiest player twice in a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated . The submissions in the poll were done by NFL players which says quite a lot.

But over the last 10 weeks I’ve watched Hines be anything but dirty. So sure he looks good as a Superbowl MVP but I think he looks better like this. Take the jump and see!

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I know I am not alone. Especially if you have a family and are looking for a inexpensive way to spend the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. However, I know there a A LOT of people in the Inland Empire who have A) never been to the National Orange Show Festival and/or B) have not been since they were a child. That’s why I am here to tell you to give it a first or second chance. Don’t travel for the holiday weekend when there’s so much to do here at home.

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This is trippy! A late season cold storm arrives tonight and will last through Wednesday afternoon. We’ll not only have rain across the valleys in the Inland Empire but wait! We’ll also have two straight nights of snow in our mountains above 6,000 feet! There has been many years that we’ve seen snow up to Easter but snow up to Memorial Day Weekend? That’s strange. What to do in our mountains? I’ve got some ideas for you.

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