Police in Montgomery, Maryland pulled over a black Lamborghini last month . . . and it turned out the guy driving it was BATMAN . . . Well, a guy in a really good Batman costume anyway.

His real name is Lenny Robinson, and he’s a wealthy businessman (cough, Bruce Wayne, cough) who was wearing the costume because he was on his way to visit sick kids in the hospital, which he’s been doing since 2001.  He spends about $25,000 a year on toys for them.

You can check out the dash cam footage on YouTube.  The police pulled him over because he didn’t have a license plate on the back of the car (cough, and they all wanted pictures, cough).

They didn’t give him a ticket so next time your pulled over just tell the officer…I’m Batman!



April 3, 2012 at 1:25 pm | KCAL Crew, KCAL Rocks | No comment