Last weekend I go to check out the AMA Endurocross race at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. I saw Endurocross for the first time on TV during this year’s X Games and thought it was a cool idea, it’s basically a Motocross race but after a tornado has littered the course with wood, big logs, stones, water and they decide to race anyway.

The races were a blast to watch. It wasn’t like a lot of other forms of racing were the leader just sorta finds a grove and rides the same line on the track all the to victory. With lots of obstacles the races were all really close and you never knew when a rider was gonna fall from his bike getting stuck between to large stones or slide out from under him as loose wood shifted below.

During half time of the races I got to go down onto the track with 10 KCAL Rockers and help host the Protaper Half Time Footrace, where our 10 Rockers all got to run the track to win a $500 Gift Card from Power Toys in Chino (check out a split second of that race in the video below at 5:30). By the way, I must thank Power Toys for supplying me with my super cool get up for the Foot Race (Below).

It was a great night of racing and I’d like to thank all the KCAL Rockers that came out, everyone at Citizens Business Bank Arena, Endurocross, Protaper and especially Power Toys for having me out and showing me a great time, while getting me hooked on a new type of racing. Enjoy this really cool highlight video from the event!



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